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Thread: trigger rod stick

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    Question trigger rod stick

    I just bought a used RT and have yet to view the instruction video.. I'm a total noob.. so the answer to my question is probably common knowledge.

    Gun is RT Pro w/ ZGrip, Flatline 3K.

    At 700PSI input pressure, when I pull the trigger back a bit (without firing), I notice that the trigger rod does not return back to its normal position after I release.. it gets stuck. Upon firing (pulling back a bit further), it is forced back out to full extension.

    My question is this.. Is this sticking normal? or is it a result of:
    - low input pressure?
    - malfunction of on/off pin?
    - trigger rod placement in grip (is there more than one? can it be assembled incorrectly?)?

    Your help is appreciated.

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    higher input pressure

    You may need to increase your input pressure. That level 10 in your gun may cause it to require higher input pressure than when the valve was stock. I know that when I put a level 10 on my classic, I would "run out of gas" with 800psi or so left in my tank. Pre-level 10, I could shoot down to 600 or so before my gun would stop cycling.
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    Mags likes to be at 7-800 psi input. 700 should be ok. Next, turn up the velocity knob (back of the rt valve) until it starts to work. Looks like your velocity may be set too low. especially with LX bolt. If this does not work, then, LX bolt O ring may be too tight. Don't mess with trigger rod or on/off pin length unless you know what you are doing...

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    Oil your gun, and make sure you pull the trigger back fully all the time..

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    The pressure of the bolt on the sear can sometimes prevent the trigger rod from moving back to the fully extended condition when you release it after a partial pull. This is especially true if the input pressure is reduced as in your case. An increased input pressure will usually stop this phenomenon although it "usually" doesn't pose a firing problem.
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    I had this exact same problem this weekend. I found that a missing rail bushing was the cause of the problem. those things are alot more important than they look.

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