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Thread: Emag/Xmag Problem Flow chart.

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    Emag/Xmag Problem Flow chart.

    I have been reading alot of threads from people with problems with thier E/Xmag that sound like they have similar problems. Could some one wip up a cool E/Xmag troubleshooting flowchart and sticky it to this Forum?
    Marker Set up:
    E-Mag_________DataPimp69 Quick Disconnect rail
    X-Valve________Rougeclamp feedneck
    Dynaflow 201___Evil pipe kit 14"
    Halo B _________Karta body, Aced
    Big thanks to Havoc_online and Tunaman for the help too. A+ Service.

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    I could, but it'd take to long... I'll try later tonight if I see noone has done it yet. And I'll need some help from other members probably.

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