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Thread: reg seat good vs. bad

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    Are you talking about an Retro/E-=Mag/X or a classic valve with both halfs stainless steel? One uses a thick flat on two sides seat and the other an o-ring (thick seat = classic).

    Either way, the piston should be able to slide fairly freely. It's the wide part at the top that does the sealing so rod itself doesn't have to be a tight fit.
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    also if you have reg can be a good idea to get the piston spring changed...

    ive found they compress and change shape easily..

    i bought a very old mag..and i coudljnt figure out why it wasnt shooting right..i changed every oring in the gun..then was told to order a new spring and it worked like a charm

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    that bored to go through a years worth of pages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rikkter
    that bored to go through a years worth of pages?
    True but some very good info...should be a sticky!!!!!!!!

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