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Thread: Sliding: Dive or baseball-style? (Random midnight thought)

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    Sliding: Dive or baseball-style? (Random midnight thought)

    Do you dive headfirst into a bunker or slide baseball style? I would think with a regular baseball slide the pack owuld get in the way if you went too low. I guess it would depend on terrain and bunker size mostly but what do you do most often?

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    I am too tired..
    This was meant to be in Paintball Talk.....

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    I stay kind of upright while sliding on my right leg, so that when I come to rest I am ready to shot, and I can also shoot while sliding using this method if im really forced to.
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    i remember when...

    my teammate did a head first rolling dive over a small air bunker...


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    I guess he's alright but he hasn't done it since

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    the last time i did a head first dive i ended up with a barrel full of sand, and the last time i did a baseball style slide i fracutred my ankle. back players have it easy
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    Kinda baseball come knee slide, so that when i slide in to the bunker i can continue firing straight away without needing to reposition myself. However needless to say it is not always the case, i sometimes end up goin REMOVED NO CURSING -cphilipwitrh the momentum of the of the run
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    I mostly do baseball style slides. I wear my pack pretty high, so it's not in the way. I have done the superman slide, but mostly because I tripped first.

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    i usually do baseball slide sometimes superman when i am going really fast into a bunker.

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