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Thread: Rogue Spear Still The King

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    Rogue Spear Still The King

    well today i was playing rogue spear online after about 2 years of not playing i am still the best. Well but any who if you guys want to try to win i am at gamespyarcade and my screen name is greasypigeon. i have an AO room open
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    I bet could beat you on Bunkers or Mueseum... but my CD got a big scratch and freezes on installing

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    i hate bunkers so much....newbies only play bunks

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    Yea, that's why I usually win on bunkers

    But Muesem. From before I bought the game, demo. I am god on that map. Hmm.. I should try installing again. Maybe it'll work this time.. Or rip it of kazaa..

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    I used to play for R6/RSRetreat's OTB team. I could take you to town.

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    Miscue are then fighten words!?!? j/k

    i don't know why i stoped play rs, o yeah my comp sucks,

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    Rogue Spear was nice ... and I did play it all the time, but now its all about Raven Shield By far the best R6 title to date ... easy to use interface for single play, and huge levels for multi-play with great kill zones. Add to that the easy to UnrealEd editor and that equals some killer levels yet to be developed.

    The only down side is system requirements ... I have a PIII 1gig with 1.5gig ram and a ATI Radeon 9000 pro 128meg card and only get 45fps at 1024x768

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    i played on msnzone.i was #1 in rssl
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    i never liked msnzone, too many cheaters on there, mplayer was the best, i was in the one of the TOP 5 calns on mplayer and on gsa it was called LOD and XRM and i was in swat and in magic and in tdw and much more.

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    I also just started playing it again, me and a buddy...on the zone. Great game. City streets is the best.

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