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Thread: NJ AO Day III: Hosted by PBX & Team Black Cell

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    Riotz Guest

    NJ AO Day III: Hosted by PBX & Team Black Cell

    August 2nd, 2003. At a Knight Breed in West Milford, NJ.


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    We have changed the location of the New Jersey AO Day III to Knights Breed Paintball in
    West Milford, NJ. We feel that this location can better accommodate the number of people
    we are expecting. They have more fields and cabins which can be rented out for our
    out-of-town guests.


    In our efforts to go beyond what we have done in the past, we will be working feverishly
    to provide all the AO’ers in attendance for this year’s event with an awesome array of
    activities. Organized by the same people who gave you the first Official AO Day and hold
    the record for the largest AOD. The venue will be at PBX field to be announce with a
    slew of sponsors far greater and more numerous than what you may have seen before in an
    AO Day. We will be making the announcement detailing the event as soon as they are

    Activities at the event will once again include a Black Cell sponsored Bar-B-Q, Mini
    3-Man Tournament, Sydarm Competition, Open Speed Ball, Open Woods Ball, Plus more!

    Field Pass / HPA / CO2 / Rentals Pricing/Availability :
    The cost to play at this event is Fifteen Dollars! This is simply to help PBX cover
    the cost of insurance and cleanup. HPA fills will be free all day to pre-registered AO

    If you visit the Pre-Registration Thread between now and the time
    of the event, you will qualify for the discount. Non-preregistered players can purchase an
    air / field pass for $25. See the bottom of this post for more information on pre-registration.
    CO2 will be available, pricing is yet to be determined, CO2 refill prices will nominal
    (just to cover costs). Rentals will NOT be available at this time. If you know someone
    who wants to come but doesn't have a gun or if you have a gun you would like to lend, post
    here so we can find one to lend them.

    Paint Prices :
    Thanks to our sponsors Severe Paintball and Paintballistix, paint for this event is VERY
    affordable. Field paint will be available starting at $45 a case (Note: These are special
    lowered AO Day III prices and do not reflect standard pricing at Knight Breed and Paintballistix)
    MAJOR credit cards will be accepted.

    Pre-registration Information:
    We STRONGLY encourage you to pre-register for this event. Not only will pre-registration get
    you a free air pass, but it allows us to plan ahead for food for the BBQ and other things.

    To pre-register, please visit the following thread: Here

    Attendees who do not pre-register will have to pay $25 for Air + Field Pass.

    Field Location :

    Knights Breed Paintball / Camp Ocawasin
    625 Macopin Road
    West Milford, NJ 07480


    Available Lodging :

    Knights Breed & Camp Ocawasin provide cabin rentals and camping sites.

    Each cabin has electric, heat, satellite TV and high speed internet access. Standard Cabins sleep up to eight
    in four bunk beds. Several cabins are configured for couples and families and have queen and twin beds along
    with a sofa and easy chairs.

    Cabin & Camping Rates:

    Play Time:

    We will be playing from 9-4, after that people are welcome to hang around and enjoy the BBQ.

    Field Setup:

    1 American Paintball Supply Sup Air Field *special*

    1 Ten Man Ultimate Air Field, Dementia.
    1 Ten Man Speed Ball Field, Angel Alley.
    1 20+ Man Wooded Field, D-Fence City.
    1 Large Wood Field, Bloody Stump Run.
    1 Bridge Field, Kazimars Last Stand.

    Food and Drinks:

    The Bar-B-Q will still be sponsored by Team Black Cell. Cheese / Hamburgers, Hotdogs and whatever
    other type of meat people would like to bring. Drinks will be available at cost. Donations are appreciated.

    We are trying to plan an after party at the lodge at the field. Cost for this party would probably be
    around $15/$20 per person. The food and drinks will be catered and of course, ALCOHOL!
    (for those of age) =]


    Bea Youngs
    Clare "CaPoEiRa" Benavides


    $10 - Mag Part Kit
    $15 - RT Parts Kit
    $15 - Airgun Hats
    $9 - AGD Mouse Pads
    $110 - Warp Feeds
    $65 - Level 10 Kits
    $110 - Nickel Plated Intelliframe
    $105 - Black Intelliframe
    $5 - AGD Ball Detents
    $45 - 10 Pack of AGD Ball Detents
    TBA - X-Valve
    $145 - ULE Body
    $80 - ULE Rail
    $8 - Barrel Condom
    $16 - Gas Thru Grip
    $20 - Vertical Bottle Adapters


    Clare will be autographing her posters at the event. We will also see if we can get Bea to do the same.
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