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there is nuttin more funny then rich south jersey shore noobs coming out of the woods with delusions that their good..hahaha as always the AO forums have proved yet again that there is way too many asses in paintball and not enough tata's!..

Not a noob here Bubba. I was playing at AG in Virginia with an original Automag back when CO2 remotes were cool! Also I have a shore home, I don't live there, jeesh!

as for ao day 3? how do yall like your asses handed to you? smoked? beaten and stirred? or sunnny side up with a deadcell boot print on it?

Correct me if I am wrong, but we lit up all your asses at NJ AO II, and there I was using a borrowed marker as Jon left my R/T at his hotel room! So bring it boy and we'll MAX you AGAIN!!!

headkase: long.. hard.. and thick.. like wckeeps benchmark trigger pull

Here we agree!