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Thread: Considering building my own mag...where do I get the body?

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    Considering building my own mag...where do I get the body?

    I'm thinking about possibly building my own mag... All I would need to make it run is a body, a trigger and frame (with grips), a barrel, a valve, and some way to get gas from a tank into the valve, right?

    Where can I get an AIR valve and a good price on minimag and classic mag bodies?
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    Try the classifieds here.

    And no thats not all you need. There are tiny little things you need to know about. Check out the link to the AGD manuals and study those. And try searching around for parts needed and such. Things like Rail bushings, Twist lock assemblies, Rails, Field strip screws....that sort of small parts you need to learn about and decide which kind of system you want to build. There are some options.

    Good luck and check out the technical forum if you want to ask these kinds of technical questions.

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