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Thread: POLL: Best Bottomline Regulator

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    HyperSnyper Guest

    POLL: Best Bottomline Regulator

    Hey Guys,

    Another poll for the people with experience with Bottomline regs. I have used the Stabilizer which provided me with +/- 3 fps. I got greedy and wanted more consistency, so I tried another reg, the PMI THOR. It gave with the same consistency over the chrono, and the strings of paint looked the same.

    I am on the verge of buying a Maxflo as a Bottomline reg, and wanted to know everyone's opinion.

    Basically, the Poll is Stabilizer vs PMI THOR vs Max-Flow.

    Let me know why you made your choice. I know all are great regulators, but needed more feedback. I am also on the hunt for +/- 1 or maybe even 0 fps jumps (possible?)

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    You really cant get 0 fps in any gun. The best I got was +,-2 on my stock emag using an 8 inch barrel perfectly matched to the paint. Realize that velocity fluctuations are due to inconsistecies in paint not the gun. For the most part pressure in the gun is consistent.

    If you want perfect velocity you would have to have to have perfectly sized, perfectly spherical paint, that sealed perfectly to the bore of the barrel.
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    HyperSnyper Guest
    You know you're right,

    maybe I should focus on a barrel set to make sure my Paint to barrel match is always perfect. I am looking into selling my Boomy and investing into the JT barrels.

    But still, what is the most consistent regulator as a bottomline?

    I still want to break the +/- 3 fps barrier. Not that it will make a significant increase in my paint stream, but still a goal I want to accomplish.

    Let me know Guys.


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    I've used 4 different stabs, 2 vert and 2 female bottomline, and when all other factors are right I've seen +/- 1 with a cocker and my wifes Blazer. If you already have the female stab I'd stay with it, it's not going to get much better.
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    ans gen-x puts out a great regulator, but out of those I would go with the flow.
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    The PMI THOR is not anywhere in the same class as the other two you listed, as it is a low-end reg. The Stabilizer is the best reg of all to use with C02, whereas the Max-Flow is one of the very best HPA regs.

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    HyperSnyper Guest
    Originally posted by FaSSt
    The PMI THOR is not anywhere in the same class as the other two you listed, as it is a low-end reg. The Stabilizer is the best reg of all to use with C02, whereas the Max-Flow is one of the very best HPA regs.
    The THOR is lower than the Stabilizer and MaxFlo? I always thought that the THOR was considered one of the highest flowing regs available. Can anyone confirm this?

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    he said low-END. it may be high flow, but it still just wont be as consistent as the other regs becuase it is made more cheaply

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    don't put a reg on a mag at all its redundant get a good daul regulated nitro tank Like a nitro duck with adjustable output or angel air then get a barrel with an effective length of no more than 8 in. and one wich cuts off acceleration fast like a two piece then check bore paint match this is the best you will do another reg will only slow down recharge rate and during high rates of fire probly hurt more than help consistancy
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    well to tell you the truth i haven't used anything except the max-flow: however... when i did use it, my consistantsy was verry good, and it never caused my gun to choke. as my micro is so old that the barrel is part of the body and doesn't come off i can't tell you how good of a match i had but i did use the gun with the air reg striped so the only reg on the gun was the 'flow this got me +/- 5 fps and 0 shoot down. oh and setup like that my gun still needed 700-750 psi to hit 280fps (don't know what that was about unless the gages on the flow were screwed, it sould have only been about 450psi.)
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    the best inline reg for nitro only is the sidewinder.. hands down .. but its not bottomline. i wouldnt go with the maxy, mine creeps alot, and they are kinda high matinence.

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    if its on a mag... you dont need a second regulator, you're just starving the mag of air... it has its own reg

    its mainly the gun and barrel, paint-to-bore match, drop-off, air pressure, and so on...

    the stab. is the best bottomline reg, but its really big and ugly, so i voted maxflo... even though its a little tall

    the real way to go is the AKA Sidwinder, its a vert reg, but its DAMN GOOD!

    oh, and btw butterfingers, i've gotten 256-256-256-256-254-256-257-257 (fps) over the chrono with my classic valve
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