October 9th and 10th
Xtreme paintball park in Milstadt Illinois www.xtremepaintballpark.com

Entry with air 15$ Bring your own 12 grams.

FPO for this event!

55$ a Case for V1
15$ a bag for V1

65$ a case for PMI Premium or equal grade
$17 a bag for same

Saturday is pump open play, 2 groups if needed, 1 speedball, 1 woods.

Saturday night after games are done (usually after 5pm) will be the players party adn BBQ. Bonfire and food provided! Adult beverages are allowed after ALL paintball games have stopped.

Sunday, pump open play and Old School Pistol challenge.

Old School Pistol Challenge will be as follows:

One on One game, on airball field. Double elimination format.
No trophy, just bragging rights.

All guns must use 12 grams, no speed wheels allowed.

PGPs (pre 2k highly encouraged)
GZ 1000
DSDS Slider
Talon with 10 round tube

Mods allowed:
Velocity adjustment mods
Pump handle on Nelspots

Plan to have fun and play hard.

Camping WILL be allowed at the field starting on Friday night.