OK, before I get flamed by people who can't stand a question being asked a different way, I have already searched for info that would answer this and didn't find anything fully conclusive. So relax and if you don't like this post, don't read it. I have searched so you don't need to remind me

My situation: I am about to have a fully loaded AGD marker: Black ULE body, Black XValve, Minimag rail, Black Intelliframe, yadda yadda yadda (technical term huh?). I trust Smartparts and think the Teardrop barrel looks cool and will be using it as my primary barrel. I especially like it because it was a $50 barrel. It will accomodate most of my paint but I notice alot of paint will actually roll right out of it.

My question/concern: I am interested in a cool-looking, aluminium barrel in the $30-50 range that I can get to use if I happen to be stuck with smaller paint. It doesn't have to be perfect, but enough to minimize breaks if I am stuck using smaller paint. FREAK IS NOT AN OPTION. I fully understand all adjustable barrel systems. They are all $180+ and I am not pro and don't have tons to spend. An affordable smaller bore barrel (.68-.684 roughly) that still maintains moderate accuracy to keep as an alternative when the paint is so small that the Teardrop keeps breaking it is exactly what I am looking for. Looks would be nice as well but not critical. Available in black is always nice. Blue too. Any suggestions, past experiences, ideas for a good complementary barrel to the Teardrop would be appreciated. Thank you. Price and smaller bore are the key issues. Looks and accuracy are very close seconds