I deleted the last thread and updated this one, sorry for the confusion...

OK, it looks like I'll be heading to AONJ3 this year! I'll know for sure next week once I see when I have to report back to work in August...

So in planning for that, I thought I would put together a thread for those planning to make the Road Trip up to NJ for the big weekend!

I live in Atlanta, so anyone in the area post plans. This includes Load, cphilip, ezrunner, boomer, trench, devil, sinistarr, the Warren Robbins kids, Fatman, whoever.

I figure we'll be heading up I-85 out of Atlanta, so SC, NC VA and other states are in our direct path. Uncle Phil would have to give a better directions than that.

If you're interested in participating in the caravan on our pilgrimage to AONJ, post here.

Details are forthcoming, as usual!

OK! Here's the deal. I was confused by all of the AON?3, so I did a little *reading* and now I think I'm set...

I edited my previous threads and now wish to make the announcement official... This thread now pertains to NONJ3!!! That's right, the one in AUGUST!

Yeah, I can't make the April AONE3 because of work obligations, sorry NE guys.

So, please forgive my stupidity as I have now corrected my mistakes.

Later ~ David "The Village Idiot" Jones