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    Paintchucker Guest

    Paintchucker Feedback Thread

    @@@@ Paintchucker's Feedback Thread @@@@


    Ratt: 2-16-2007 Shipped USPS a chrome micro-emag (3.2AGD) to Japan

    2007 Trading:

    PumpMag: sold a chrome omega rail for AM/MM

    MANN: 2-26-2007 Shipped USPS a stock EMAG 1.37AGD with RT Barrel and SS Twist-Lock SP Freak Back

    ion-t on bought several misc. ION parts, came well wrapped in good condition.

    Blennidae: 02-24-2007 Bought a PTP Emag Battery Case paid via PAYPAL REPEAT GOOD SELLER !!!


    2005 Trading:

    nevets11_2003: sold black HaloA paid via paypal...
    DaHamsta: sold Intelliframe paid via paypal... ship to Canada ...
    ShadowNife: sold Ygrips paid via Postal MO

    GrimHrs: 13" MAG threaded Armson barrel paid via PayPal
    Mad-Medic: Cocker threaded Armson Old School Barrel paid via PayPal
    IPB-DMFIZZLE: Pure Energy high pressure 45/5000 Tank paid via PayPal
    Geoffman89: cocker SS back, the inserts and chrome CP reg paid via PayPal

    paintballfreak90: Traded MY MiniRail, 15degree foregrip, sear/pin and $$$ for HIS emag lowers. Great packaging!!!

    EBAY ACCOUNT (17) ... Of course it is hard to be a bad buyer with PayPal...


    2003 Trading:

    dsrkd: sold him a green CP Barrel paid via PayPal
    Viral: sold him Emag Body & CP Barrel paid via PayPal
    thegiantc: sold him a SS Lapco Autospirit paid via PayPal
    azzkikr: sold him a jacko barrel mag thread paid via MO ... Damn I miss that barrel
    Mr Orange: sold black CP 12" .693 barrel paid via PayPal
    ChucktheMAGician: sold black mag Freak Back paid via Paypal
    MicroMiniMe: sold pewter ULE body paid via PayPal
    spantol: sold minimag/pump gun paid via PayPal

    Blennidae: bought a polished minimag body paid via Paypal
    cmilne9: bought a Clear 12v Revy from him via PayPal
    matt0000: bought an Xvalve from him via MO
    govnamac: bought a freak front via PayPal
    JadedT: bought an Emag/RTP CrownPoint HR barrel via PayPal
    .bolink: bought a chrome site rail paid via Paypal
    Powermad: Pewter ULE Body-New paid via paypal 5-14-03
    BAD BAD Trader: DanceDJ on PBNation: Bought newstyle SS Cocker Freak Back that was 2 weeks late in receiving and beat to hell... Stick with the safety of AO !!!


    Pre 2003 Buying & Selling:

    Good Buyers:

    Blennidae: Retro Valve
    Blennidae Feedback
    Kixile: Green RT Pro (full gun, hopper, tank)
    Kixile Feedback
    Xerces: HaloA

    Good Sellers:
    Grey Goose: Halo A
    Grey_Goose Feedback
    Thilbo: Ricochet Hopper
    Thilbo Feedback
    Lord Vader: SS Autospirit Barrel, RetroValve
    Reo5th: Armson Red Dot Sight
    NIUEE: SS Automag Freak Set
    billybob_81067: Automag Silencer Barrel
    billybob_81067 feedback
    rsadich: Chrome Minimag Body
    Blennidae: Chrome Minimag Body
    RogueFactor: Automags.Org Barrel Condom!


    BAD BAD Trader: FIRESPIRIT7 aka crusader_7@Ebay, iysutah(30+ days)@Ebay
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