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Thread: KevinGuoNator's Feedback

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    KevinGuoNator's Feedback


    He offered 530$ on my E-cocker. I'm happy with the numbers, so I ask him payment methods. We agreed to trade third-party with a proshop near him and payment would come VIA Money-order. Well, he showed me feedback from, and it was rougly 95% positive. The feedback he showed was for the accounts "KevinGuoNator" and "Nyphe". Well, I looked and the user "Nyphe" had "Kevinguonator" on a sticky-post labelled the scammer list. The address he gave me for the proshop matched his home address. I then IM him the following:

    kuRaMa l337: Hello. When you showed me yout feedback on that MTG forum, I did some backtracking. For one, you are on the scammer list. Secondly, the "proshop" address matches your home address. Third, you are not Nyphe. Now, I will only trade with you if you send a MO or cashier's check first (which is how most trades go) or pay to use a REPUTABLE third party such as Palmer's Pursuit Shop and the likes.

    Auto response from Kevin Guo Nator: eating

    Kevin Guo Nator signed off at 2:46:06 PM.
    When he signed off, that was blocking me. I logged onto my other AIM account, KillBillGates123, and he was signed on. I ask him and he unblocks me and claims an accident. I tell him the same message and in defence he says "I decided to buy a bko, sealed and done". Well, I monitored him and he wasn't on AIM until a bit before I got back home, so he obviously isn't trading for a BKO when we had a pending trade and I was going to ship today. Obvious blatant scammer. Almost ripped me off a marker.

    Here's his contact info:
    Name- Kevin Guo
    AIM - Kevin Guo Nator
    Real Address - 12212 Summer Breeze Ct
    Charlotte, NC 28277
    Fake Address - Kevin Gou
    4305 elm tree road
    charlotte, NC 28273

    My suspicion began when he knew the address of the proshop but not the name of it or the owner's name. So, I assume and have confirmed that it's his home address. DO NOT deal with Kevin Guo a any costs whatsoever. He is a scammer and apparently a repeat-offense one according to the Wizards forums. Personally, If it was my marker, I would have sent it anyways so that I could put this ******* in jail. Who cares about being out 500$ for a few months, its worth it.

    I hope this helps somebody avoid being scammed.

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    Didnt keep me from getting scammed.

    He is using the name K-dog with a Matrix on and Im pretty sure he scammed me out of my EggII. I sent my egg on thrusday and we agreed that he would ship friday overnight. So I wake up saturday morning thinking it might be here. Its not. So then I think that maybe he didnt get it mailed till after 3:00 so it might take 2 days. So Im gonna wait and see.

    He also gave me the address you posted but he used a different name

    He gave me:

    Bob Joy
    12212 Summer Breeze Ct
    Charlotte, NC 28277

    Im giving him till next thursday to see if he sends it or not,

    If he doesnt, Im calling the police on him and having him arrested.

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