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Thread: We need a Z-grip club!

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    We need a Z-grip club!

    OK OK OK, The Z-Grip Club is a GO!!!! Edit your post w/ your name or make a new post saying you want in, and you will be added to the list!!!>>>>


    We need more! I'll add your name to the list as you call out your name for the Z club!!!

    I've seen all the clubs and stuff, the pie rev, the capo and rpk clubs, the ferret club, and the benchy club...and I think its high time us Z-mag users had a club of our own!!! Z-grip users are a rare breed, in fact I've never seen another one out on the field, and I think it would be cool to have our own club to celebrate those who appreciate the genious of the 'z'. So, how bout it? How many other Z-mag users are with me?

    also, here is the link to the *official* z-grip thread:
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