Well, I have to let go of my old mustang before the summer, she was a good car but won't be able to handle the driving I'll have to do (ie long highway trips and possibly stop and go downtown). I worked long and hard for her in a crappy job, and I'll miss her! She was a 89 4cyl, and I had her for a year, and now I'm looking for some more power and a newer car. I come to you all for suggestions.
I was looking at newer GT mustangs, but my father said they aren't built very well and he'd rather I look at something else, and since he is loaning me the money I have to accept that, even if that statement is false. I'm currently looking extensively at camaros, specifically a 1993 5.7 LT1 6spd, but I really need more suggestions. Fords are out, ALL JAPANESE CARS ARE OUT (becasue I hate them ) and I don't really need a pickup or truck. If anyone could recommend a powerfull, well built car for me, it would help me immensely. I know alot of cars, but I feel like I'm overlooking something! and it would be silly of me to just look at camaros. thanks again everyone!

ps- I have about 10,500 CDN dollars to spend on the car, I think thats works out to like 7000 american, but i'm not sure