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Thread: Gloves Children!!

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    Gloves Children!!

    OK well i like the looks of the empire gloves but havent heard anything about them. I know dye's are good but have never owned them. My hand from my palm to the tip of my middle finger is 7 inches. Should I get a med. or a small. Thanks all feed back and flaming is welcome!
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    I believe the same company that makes the Nexed gear is making the empire soft goods. If this is true then they should be good. I have used my nexed gloves for over a year and they still are holding together.

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    "IronClad" work gloves! best thing since the wheel & axle...

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    I just wear two black batting gloves. That's worked for me for years.

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    I have dye core 02 gloves. I wash them after every day of play (I play nearly every week) They are comfortable, and have held up wonderful to all the play and washes.

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    In another thread about gloves someone suggested Hatch tactical gloves that look pretty cool.

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    I just got a pair of the new PJ's gloves (they remind me of the EviL/Makita gloves)..I was told that they don't dye the palms so they shouldn't bleed black dye...but I guess we'll see in a bit if that's true or not..

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