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Thread: Vert feed/timer

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    Vert feed/timer

    i have an idea for a feed tube. i propose that there could be a timer on it. the timer could be as small as a wrist watch timer. it could work, and it would be a brilliant place to put the timer. u could easily check how much time u have left while your aiming down the barrel. for an "advanced" model there could be some kind of cheap sensor and a wire running down the neck which could count the number of balls shot. the buttons would be on the front of the timer, which would prevent anything hitting them.

    give me your opinion. i have proposed this at other forums, but can't find anyone that would build me a prototype.
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    It's not a bad idea man, and I've seen things like it but not exactly. Things I would suggest:

    1.) Do not try getting it built actually into the neck, it would make the cost of producing the necks that shape expensive and people like variety in choosing their necks. I say have it strap on to the back and be no wider than the neck. That would work.


    2.) Prototype it yourself. If you get a basic timer, pull the electronics, and find some way to contain them in a plastic body that fits the shape of the feed neck you're all set. Not many people will do it for you unless you pay them, so thats your best option.

    and just fyi, this is Deep Blue which is more about discussing functionality and such, not coming up with new products. This should technically be in The Workshop section. Keeping things in the right forum just makes things easier for everybody and is a rule here so keep an eye out for that.

    Best of luck with it man!

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