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Thread: Z.I.P.P. bolt that creats "M" effect?

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    Z.I.P.P. bolt that creats "M" effect?

    I was just checking out the July issue of APG and saw an article about this Z.I.P.P. 2K Cycleflow bolt for cockers and angels. Now, I know this is a magazine laden with marketing ploys, but the idea still seemed thought provoking. The idea is the bolt has three holes on the bottom, as opposed to an evenly spaced venturi style. Though the article makes no claims as to what degree the magnus effect takes place, it does mention it as a "flatline" bolt.

    /dodge marketing bashes

    Does anyone have any experience with one of these or know anything about them?

    My guess is IF backspin does occur, it would not be enough, and still render the balls under the vortex effect.

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