Hey well im not sure if any one has ever wrote about this before. Well the thing is even with only one magenet in the trigger frame the trigger is still pretty stiff. So To lighten it up a bit i stuffed a a venturi bolt foamie in there to put space between the magnet and the trigger, this significantly lightened the trigger. but you dont want to put more than 1 and a half of a fomie in there other wise the trigger wont bounce back fast enough. But currently what i have in mine is 1 fomies and a half of one, then i have 2 magnets, becasue if only one is in there the bounce back isnt strong enough and may stick, the 2 magnets together allow it to be very light and have a very nice bounce back.

so if anyone else has and E-mag trigger modifications please share them.

proud agd emag owner(EM00313)