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Thread: 500 shots

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    500 shots

    what size hpa tank would i need to get at least 500 good shots off with my minimag?

    I was thinking about getting a palmer's stabilizer for it, but thats like 90$ when i could go hpa for a bit more.

    I play woodsball, but i would still like something lightweight, so what would be the cheapest carbon fiber tank i could get that would work well with my mag and hold at least 500 shots?

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    I get at least 500 shots from my 68cu/3000 bottle .... you might be able to get it also from a 47/4500 if you can get it filled to capacity.

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    You should be good for at least 500 shots with a 45/4500. You might get a 68/4500 a bit cheaper. A 68/3000 would be even cheaper and should give you about the same amount of shots as a 45/4500. The size difference is up to your own personal choice. I have a Guerrilla Air 68/4500 Assault system and I love it. They're cheap compared to other companies.

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    I have a 45/45, but can RARELY get it filled higher than 3k, and it shoots 500 or so every time.
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