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Thread: I'm wondering...

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    I'm wondering...

    This may have already been discussed or answered...but what does AGD do with all the trade in Bodies/Valves/frames/etc. that you take? I can just picture a huge wooden trunk, and when you open it, it's filled with old valves. And then another trunk next to it, with bodies of classic RT's and such. And there is this guy, and his whole job is to shovel the old parts into the deep fryer, so they will be melted down and recycled...or something.


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    you basically got it. they are destroyed. Tom wants to get new valves out there, so he doesnt have to pay to fix the old ones.

    actually, i dont know about bodies, but i would assume thats the case for them as well.
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    What he should really just do, is take all of the stars off and sell them at a discount price in the AGD store labled 'used & abused valves - no warrenty'

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    Actually I think they're in 55gal drums
    They are worth more in scrap metal then anything else.
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    i wasnt aware that people trade old bodies and frames...

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    Yes, you send in you old valve and cash and they give you an RT valve. Its called a Go retro program.

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    Originally posted by la690
    i wasnt aware that people trade old bodies and frames...
    I beleive it was something just for origional RT owners that felt they were being left behind, and wanted an RTP (so that they could keep up with upgrades compatable for all 'Mags except the Origional RT).

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