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  • Eblade Cocker

    1 16.67%
  • Matrix

    2 33.33%
  • GZ Timmy

    2 33.33%
  • 2K2 Timmy

    1 16.67%
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Thread: What gun should I buy, I need help!!!

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    What gun should I buy, I need help!!!

    What gun should I buy. I cant make my mind up over these 4. It is really hard. I want to hear what other people think. Post what you voted for and why. Thanks so much!!
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    It does not matter what we think. Have you shot all of these markers? You must shoot all 4...almost all folks will let you shoot their marker.

    Get the one that feels the best for you to shoot and carry around all day and sleep with under your pillow.

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    Alright between the Timmys and the matrix.

    Matrix: I like them, but not that much. They have a high ROF but weight and just the way they look, the lack of an ACE. If it was a NYX then it would be different.

    GZ Timmy: I like the milling. If you dont mind not having an LCD screen, like a 45 frame, then go for it. They have the ACE, the extreme ROF, they are sexy.

    2k2 Timmy: Hella nice gun. Love the milling, its light. Has the LCD screen, clamshell frame. Also comes with the ACE, the extreme ROF.

    Cocker: I dont know much about them, so I wont put my comments.

    They best choice you have are the timmys. If you like the milling of the GZ and the clamshell and dont mind not having an LCD screen, the new Z timmys are out. But in the end I see the 2k2 as being the best choice.

    But you should go to your local field/shop and first hold them and shoot them, to see what you prefer.

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