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Thread: where did the elves originate?

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    where did the elves originate?

    when ever Tom comes up w/ a new product, and we want to know how it works, he always responds w/ elves of some sort.

    trigger mod:
    The secret is....gamma radiation......blast the Elves with it and wait until you get a mutation that lightens the trigger.......
    Lvl 10 bolt:
    like each ball is loaded with tender care by magical elves.
    Valve trade ins:
    I beleive he said something along the lines they feed the old turned in valves for the go retro program to the elves, but i can't find the thread

    so what's the deal w/ elves, or are they just kinda like pie?

    *eidt* sorry if this should be up in the freidly corner, i realized that it's only "semi-paintball" related after i already posted it here in paintball talk, move it if you must
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