a very brief outline of our amazing weekend for you all guys.....

John Sosta and the rest of us STORM players have been training hard, and playing hard domestically for about 6months now (although Storm have been doing this for years) two of our squad have only played tournament paintball for 6months, myself included. under the excellent guidance and traing of John he has managed to introduce us 'new guys' into the fold and form a highly effective team. which this past weekend has proved!

we went to Amsterdam on Wednesday night (on the overnight ferry) arrived in Holland on Thursday morning 07:30, we drove straight to the site and registered etc. after sorting the admin, we walked the fields all day (7hours) worked out strategies, moves, breaks, etc, etc then once we felt we knew the fields backwards we left for the hotel.

Friday Morning: arrived at 07:30 in time to watch DYNASTY play their first game, they won it easily but we could see some areas where our firepower would hold them back. we watched all morning our fellow Pro teams to see what they did and how they played the fields, this was to be a good move, as we knew what they were gonna do later in the tournament.

our games started at 13:30, we maxed all afternoon, beating Joy Division Pro and Hardcore Pro, quite easily, this gave us untold confidence, at the end of day one we had won 5/5 489points, DYNASTY had maxed all of theirs too but only had 488points so we wre very happy. an early dinner and early night shortly followed us watching England lose the X-ball against Sweden 1:9 respectively!

Saturday Morning: first game 08:00 vs TONTON Flingeurs, we lost this game not only against the players but also the marshalls, which so happened to be French also! i wont go too deeply into this game but i am sure you can make your own minds up about what happened! it went down to a 1v1 situation which they won....

we then played the rest of the games which ended up 2/3, so with 7 maxes under our belts, and high scoring loses we had a chance to qualify. we kept an ieye on the score board, and there was already 3 teams with less points than us, with the whole afternoon of play to happen. so we had definately qualified!!

The Semi Finals: we got drawn against TONTON Acyd, Shockwave and Ugly Ducklings, we got through with a high scoring lose and a win against Shockwave, which put them out!

The Finals: we got drawn agaisnt the Duclikngs again! best of 3 games, we lost the first game, but held them for 5-6mins before thay took it. then Johnny Sosta came up with a secret strategy, which we implemented in the second game, in front of 4-500spectators on the X-ball field, we won this game very convincingly, and really suprised the Ducklings, the crowd went mad, all cheering us on. the third and deciding game for 1st or 2nd place in the finals was goin to be tight, we kept the same strategy, and it started well, except Rowan (back left) got taken on the break, which meant they could get a played into the right hand snake, which took out our center front players quickly, we locked the field down for a while with two of us left, then Steve to my left got taken,leaving me with 5 Ducklings to beat, i took the first bunker attempt out on the far left and then felt 4 other guns hammering my bunker on the left of it, so i bugged out right and took the guy in the snake, just after i got shot in the hand. so the marshalls called me out and wiped him down. we lost and had to play for 3rd and 4th, against the TONTON's.

i would just like to say what a great bunch of guys the Ducklings are, they played fair and hard - thanks guys!

TONTON's, we lost the first game, then got them down to a 3v2 in the second, Johnny Sosta was on his way round the back to backdoor the remaing TONTON when a dopey marshall lifted him up to check him, and in doing so pulled him into the remaining TONTON's paint, the marshall called him out and one 4 oend him with Rowan our back left guy, then a bit of confusion occured and a marshall pointed to our remaining player, which the TONTON did not know where he was until them and got him shot, so we had to settle for 4th.

still 4th is a great achievenment, for our first Millennium this season, and we are all very happy indeed.

thanks to Airgun Designs and our other sponsors, we took the x-mag to them and shoved it up their............bunkers!!