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Thread: The tell your favorite fireworks story thread

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    Originally posted by Cryer
    Hey, Mango-

    Do you have access to riot control gear? Like Teargas?
    LMK, I'll PM you my mailing address.
    hahaha! Actually yes I do.

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    I took like 3 of my dads shotgun shels, empied the gun powder and poured it into a small water bottle. I emtied a bunch of bb's in it(150 or so, till it filled up), then i lit it in my back yard. I thought i would be safe about 10 feet away, util a bunch of bb's hit me. They didn't hurt that bad but it scared the crap out of me...
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    me and a couple friends have bottle rocket wars. we have pvc pipes, light the fuses, drop them in, aim and let rip. i got hit in the calf and back. it is soooo fun. sort-of sucks tho when the explode right next to you and u dont expect it!

    yesterday, i shot a bottle rocket off our grill and it hit a wooden deck-post. the top flew off, and the stick hit the post with such force it flew in about 2 mm and stuck in horizontal. made me wonder what would happen if it hit bare skin...

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