last year when i got back into paintball and had little knowledge about new parts and accessories, i had an opportunity to buy a nice benchy .45 single trigger rt frame.

i put this on my standard mag and needless to say it didn't work to well. due to the frame being a little thinner at the top, it didn't allow the sere to drop far enough to allow on/off pin to open all the way causing severe drop off to the point of like 1 shot every second or two.
i posted on ths site and found some [people who shimmed them with washers and etc. to allow more "drop" room for the back of the sere. this worked, but i didn't like the ghetto aspect of it, so, i got out the drill :-)

by removing some material from the part of the frame that the back of the sere rests against (a little at a time with fittings and tests to make sure iwasn't removing too much material), i got it to a point that allowed the on/off pin to fully open. i first used drill bits and a file, then smoothed it up on a friends mill to make it look like something. nothing is visible from the outside.

an unexpected side effect of this was a very noticeable lightening of the trigger pull, especially with a retro valve and level 10. i havn't timed it or tried to figure out the bps, but i've several electro owners (impies, e-99's etc) comment on the rate of fire for a single trigger. they then flip when i say "yeah, and it's not electronic either"

don't know how many people will be interested in this idea, or, if removing material from a stock frame or aftermarket frame for a standard mag will lighten trigger pull, just thought i'd share :-)

anybody else do something similar or have a similar experience?