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Thread: Building a timmy

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    Building a timmy

    What would I need to do to build a timmy out of a spyder?

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    they seem really closely related. once i found out how a timmy works, i was stupified on how it was similar to the spyder.

    i figure...get a new hammer, selenoid, switch, and some lines. you'd be doing something like a soverign air job.

    something like that, can't really discribe it, i was thinking of doing the same on my spyder.

    btw, a timmy bolt DOES fit into a spyder top tube.

    ahh, going to the field with only 500 balls...i love college.


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    heres a spyder i coaxed into taking timmy bolts little dremel work and here she is.

    yes a timmy bolt will fit into a spyder useing the existing hammer requires you to shorten the pin.

    but if your gunna use timmy parts then nope just use a normal timmy bolt.

    you may have to drill one hole.. for the front ram hose that would be all though.

    everything else is a bolt on converison


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    a timmy is similar to a spyder but it uses a noid and ram. i think there is a hybrid kit that has all the stuff to change a spyder to a timmy and make it shoot 20+ balls per seconds.
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    nope, that'S 'the one' kit. its more like a BKO conversion.

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    If you havent already figured it out... Your not supposed to take me seriously
    put it this way, if u could could make a full on timmy outta a spyder, everyone would have one or you could just get a bob long millenium spyder or something, ive shot those back in the day (and yet in only 15)

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    this changes my whole viewe on timmys

    they suck and im building a timmy and selling it for 500! ahahahahh

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