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Thread: Project Spyder

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    thats a crack at al mollick. he ran a "custom" paintball shop called als paintball and porno. He made many things which he claimed would change paintball, most involving black electrical tape and fishing line.

    doc nickel did that.
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    Ti hammer answer if your looking to get low pressure forget it dont go titanium. unless you have a light valve spring but even then it might not close fast enough to make a seal it may end up FARTING. i tinkered around with a spyder and found that a cocker hine frame cocker hammer with a bolt assembly like th imps makes a pretty good combo. but if you want titanium go with omega its a paintball company i forget which one its just there line of products i think its extreme rage but the price for the hammer isnt expensive at all its lik 35 40 bux i got one at my local store just look online or ask around you best bet

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    I'm UPing this to see if he did anything with this spyder.

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    sweet jesus this thread is old...

    The body is still floating around my room. Actually, I was looking at it the other day pondering about ideas for what to do to it.
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