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Thread: minimag rail question

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    minimag rail question

    on my minimag rail, what are the 2 hole on the back of it for? a sight rail?

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    Back bottle adapter. They used to run co2 through an ASA that would be attatched at the back of the rail. Usually, they aren't drilled completely through, tho.

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    thanx man. so if i removed those holes i could still use a sight rail?

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    what do you mean 'remove the holes'? drill them out?

    You should be able to use a sight rail anyways. Most have like a set screw that tightens against the body ore something...

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    as he said, those holes are for a back bottle adapter.....has nothing to do with a siterail.

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    i will be getting a new rail sometime in the near future, so i set out to lighten this rail beyond all exspectations... Introducing the RedKneck Rail (its super light lol)

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