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Thread: what do i need to make my own intelli frame?

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    what do i need to make my own intelli frame?

    I was wonderin how to make my own intelli, wat materials do I need. I'm really excited to make one.

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    a chunk of alunimum.....about 6 months of R&D (or rob the specs off a real one, but that would involve buying one)

    a verticle milling machine. and I beleive the AGD website said that they use 36 different tools to make it.

    could you make one yourself, sure....would be as good as the AGD one.......depends on your skill with a mill. would it cost more than the $120 to just buy one?!?! OH YA!

    its up to you, but other than just having a fun project to work on, its not worth replicating.

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