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Thread: Hyperframe & Classic Valve- Can i use a retro on/off?

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    Hyperframe & Classic Valve- Can i use a retro on/off?

    Ok heres the deal i bought a Hyper Frame from Centerflag for my minimag. It is stock as far as the valve goes. Now my question is, do I and can i use an on/off assembly with the classic valve w/o any problems? Will the gun work fine w/o the retro valve on/off. Im asking because the trigger is used and the original pin is no longer included so therefore i need to improvise. I guess i could also call centerflag and order the parts that came with the trigger that i dotn have right?


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    i kinda butcherd that post sorry. What i meant to say is i know the on/off on my mini wont work with the hyper so can i use the on/off from a retro valve?

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    I thought I answered this for you already. Yes, you can use it.

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