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  1. Cool Automag Drop Forwards

    Hey, I finally ordered my nitro tank, an ACI 91 ci. I'm gettin it tomorrow, I can't wait. I'm gunna get a cover and nipple cover (hehe) and stuff like that. Anyway, back to the topic. I need a cheap drop forward for a mag, 30 bucks or less. Not angled and straight under the gun preferably. I am thinking Lapco or the In Yo Face. Any suggestions? Does anyone have a pic of a mag with a lapco drop? Thanx in advance

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    i have a pmi perfect drop forward, its nice, cheap,(around $30) and best of all adjustable.

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    ahh drop forwards i think this is one of the most important of all upgrades. well i always like ones that take the tank all the way under the gun and the back of the tank is like even with the back of the gun. only thing i can think of is ring cradles or a good custom one. but get someone elses opinion.

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    smart parts has a nice dropforward, other than that, the pmi perfect one is nice, but if your looking for a cradle that holds the bottle's neck and itsnt a screw in your gonna have to fork out more than 30 bucks, and in that case, you should get a KAPP DropZone 2 or 3...

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    Yeah, I know shado. I'm just looking for a screw in or one I can bolt my bottom line onto. My field owner is selling a use drop zone for 20, I will pick it up when I go today.

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    Do any of you guys know where I can get a PMI d/f?

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    If you are in the states you can get them pretty much everywhere. But if you're up here in Canada with me you kinda have to look around and ask some companies. It's sucks up here sometimes trying to find products.

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    some field in NoVA with a ton of pods ready to be dumped


    Shocktechs r also nice

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