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Thread: thumb velocity adjuster prob

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    Post thumb velocity adjuster prob

    Ok im going to to my field. I get ready and goto the chrono. I set it to 280. Then i will go out and play. My velocity seems to go a little bit lower every ball i shoot and it also seems to be turning a VERY tiny bit every time i fire. Is there a way I can stop this?

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    If your thumb adjuster came with the tournament lock screws just screw them until they are snug in there and the adjuster won't move. If you don't have any screws go to a hardware store and pick some up. If you don't have any screws or screw holes in your thumb adjuster...then you're screwed. Actually you may be able to use some loctite or something. Wait until some of the Mag gods have posted here...they should know.

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    Loctite on the velocity nut I won't even say anything just think about that I'm also invisioning the use of teflon tape here... Wait their is more, I see it jaming up the reg
    Their is really nothing that you can do, unless you have a tourney lock on the ajuster. If you don't have one, you could drill a hole in the ajuster and tap it. Although now you have to use an allen key anyway and this defeats the point of the thumb ajuster.
    My suggestion would be just use the regular one. When you have the velocity set, usually you don't have to change it for a while.

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    Set screws in an adjuster may not stop it from backing out. They are made to prevent the adjuster from screwing in to increase the velocity.
    I would probably just get a regular valve screw from AGD and replace the adjuster. I never saw much use for them since they don't make the process any easier. You still have to take an allen wrench to the chronograph and as you found out they can sometimes back out.
    Until then I guess you can use some low strength loc-tite when you get the velocity right...or tape it in place.

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    Those lil screws actually do stop the adjuster from moving period if you tighten them tight. i just got one and have no problems when i do that.

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