AGD always make the best products. Automags were a huge success to the paintball industry. They worked great right out of the box unlike the old cockers which you had to spend like 500 dollars just to get it to work alright. Then came the Minimag which worked just as well but came with a vertical adapter, cool body, hoses and fittings, and a barrel. Then came the first "Reactive Trigger", which was a huge hit too. Then there was the Flatline nitrogen tank(I think they had prototypes of others before)...but every product they have made so far have worked great. I am positive that the new intelliframes will be amazing. In a couple years or less I think they should make a really nice electronic frame for MAGS ONLY. So that it won't eat internals, wear sears down really fast, or not work. It will work great and be covered by an outstanding customer suppost and this great wesbite to go when it's breaks or you need help. Way to go AGD, you have dramatically improved the paintball game for me and MANY others.

Double Trigger
ANS Shark Gill
14" SP All American
16" Custom Products
20 oz. (Flatline 68 for Christmas!)

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