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Thread: fields in daytona beach FLorida

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    fields in daytona beach FLorida

    Im heading down to daytona in a few days for vacation and was wondering if anybody knows a good field to play at or a good shop around the area. either would be cool but id like to play some while im down there.
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    cmon anyone know of one

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    There are no proper "fields" in Daytona, but there are a few patches of woods where we rec ballers play. There's a field in Titusville at Space Coast Paintball, and of course Orlando Paintball. I heard a while back that Pro-Team in Palm Coast was setting up a field, but I haven't gone up there to check it out.

    The only local shops that I know of who deal paintball equipment are G.I. Jeff's (Army/Navy surplus), Buck's Gun Rack, and A1 Paintball. However, none of these places carry any AGD products.
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