Well now that the giveaway is over let's get to know all the new people by posting how and when you got into paintball. For all you new guys, welcome to the AO family and we hope you get to know all of us as we sure would like to get to know you. Remember we run a PG forum here with an emphasis on FRIENDLY, no flames allowed.

I'll go first:

I first heard about paintball in 1985 when some of my friends were playing on their own land in Wisconsin. Well I knew I had to try it so my girlfriend Carol and I drove up and they loaned us two guns (PGP's). Carol wanted to go on the other team. We played the first game and I snuck up on her and told her to SURRENDER!! She looked at me and yelled "I never surrender!" and snap shot me in the leg.... Well saddly enough I played my first game, didn't get a shot off, had the upper hand, and got taken out by my woman. Not a pretty story but it's that cruel reality that makes paintball fun.

After playing a few times that year I bought my first gun, a bolt action Sheridan rifle. After loosing a large customer I went to PMI and talked to them about making a plastic mask which later became the PMI Faceshield and the rest as they say is paintball history.

Tom Kaye

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