I first got into paintball 2.5 years ago. I had bought some magazines (had a Stingray II at the time ) and had brought them to school to look at them. I found a few friends were interested also, and started playing at the local SuperSports after a purchase of a Spyder TL+.

I later found that I didn't like SuperSports so much, and went to play at Paintball Adventures Park. This field even had 2 SupAir fields (which I only recently found out!) which is pretty rare in MD from what I've seen. I got bored of the Spyder with no upgrades and recieved an Automag P/F just this past Christmas.

In February, I wanted to sell my Automag to get a new marker (at the time, preferrably an Autococker). I started having second thoughts and took a look at some of the electro markers even though I was short about $900.

I took into consideration AGD's service and dedication with their product line as I had seen before on the message boards. This was a factor which would greatly help me to purchase an Automag later. I gathered up a ton of unused stuff (including the 'Mag and Spyder) and auctioned them off on E-Bay. I found I had enough to buy an electro marker, and immediately got caught in a debate between the 'Mag and Angel.

In the end, I picked the E-Micromag. And here I am today