I think CPhillip killed this thread with his yarn above but "her's my stoy".

I saw my first paintball gun in about 90. I shot it at a friends house at a few trees and was amazed at the speed and range. I always wanted to play and never had the chance. Then in the summer of 1999 me and the wife are watching the public television auction and see these paintball passes. I say I always wanted to do that and bid and bought 4 for and indoor place and 4 for an outdoor place. Well I didn't use them forever. Finally around May 2000 I give four of them to an exchange student from Norway for his birthday. He gives them back when he left because we never got around to going. Then around september 2000 maybe the new exchange student from Germany says lets go so we find a group of 4 and go play. It was a complete blast. I went home, got on e-bay and bought $600.00 worth of paintball equipment. The rest is history. I still have a pass for 4 good till July 2001 what are you doing this weekend?

"I would rather hit once than miss 140 times."