i first bought a tigershark at big 5 in Chico and a 9 oz.co2 tank i went back to the house i was staying at and marvled the damn thing the next mornin i screwed in the tank and fired it nothing happened so we took it back to big 5 they said well "duh cock it" so i went home cocked it and nothing happened! so we went back the dumbass said "well did u fell up the tank" UHHH? i had no clue wut he was talking about. so i went to this guys HOUSE and he filled my tank up and gave me some B.E paintballs i took it back home and fired off 900 rounds. when i got back home i went real p-balling for the first time i played about 8 more times renting then i used my friends old millenium (he had a new minimag) i loved the thing i used that bout 10 times then bought a mag now i am sorry to say i am moving to a b2k2

I LUV MY MAG!!!!!!