I've got a question for those of you who may know. In just about every professional sport I know of the criteria for being a "pro" player are that you have the ability to compete at the highest level and that they are capable of making a living at it.

Now I may be wrong but isn't the criteria for being a pro paintball player the amount of tournaments you participate in? First you start out as a novice, then after so many events you have to move up to rookie and so on through amateur then pro right? So would a pro then be a person who just participates in lots of tournaments, regardless of skill?

As to making a living at playing tournaments is there anybody out there actually doing it? No full or part time jobs or business ownership, just income from playing tournaments that is sufficient to make a living. Sponsorships can be considered income I think, it is a form of payment. I suppose it is possible but I haven't heard of anyone doing it.