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the main reason i dont talk about it is because what is there to talk about other than guess what team won this and what team won that. to me it does'nt matter. but theres i kid on my team who wont shoot a barrel shorter than 14in because almost all pro players use them. its mainly because most paintballers dont care what equipment the pros use. jacksonville could be using angel or emags or shockers and they would still play just the same. (except for the fact that if they had angels they'd be jaming the damn bolts back into place all the time.)</font>
its the EXACT opposite...you wouldnt know how many people buy gear because pros use them....i guarantee if Avalanche(the team most kids know about...) all started using warp feeds, you would see a HUGE increase in warp feed sales...

also i could say that the gun does matter. No matter how sweet my shocker was, i couldnt play nearly as effictevly as when i am using my angel or now maybe my emag. THe shocker was just to bulky and the front grip was too close to the grip frame for me to take accurate fast pop shots. This is only me, every gun feels better or worse in other peoples hands.