I think all this as a base for an essay would be pretty good for school...

I am offically the only one up at this point in time. Of course time is an inrelative thing...

In space, there is no time. There is no gravity.

The faster you go, the slower time gets.

It is not possible to build a time machine because the faster you go, the slower time gets.

A neutron star is a star that has a ton of gravity despite its' mass. It is kind of like a nitrogen bottle filled up to 50000psi.
when the bottle holds 3000psi.

A black hole tears time into shreds. A black hole is the end of everything.

The idea of a wormhole is that somehow you get to the singularity of a black hole without already spaghettifying and shredding into nothing. The idea is that time shifts instantly through a singularity and theorically you end up in a difference place.

Not even light can escape a black hole.

We have taken information and pushed it through a chamber specially filled with cesium gas. That information traveled 50 times the speed of light, partially negateing the theory of relativity.

The equation of relativity is e=mc, where e=energy
c=speed of light

This theory negates the possibility of traveling faster than the speed of light because by the time you reach that speed, all you will be is energy.

All this I found out from Stephen Hawking's shows on CBS and his book
"A Brief History of Time"

Another place I learned some of these facts is http://www.howstuffworks.com.

I have a ton more of facts about the preceding. I just thought I would share some.

BTW, this can also be found in the late night OT thread

Im pretty bored.

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