Once and for all the full explanation:

All AGD products have a 90 day warrantee against manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace, at our option, defective parts. This is our formal warrantee. Informally we will take care of our customers unless the product is abused or very old and older than a certain serial number. We will not fix your gun "just because I want you to look at it". If it is an old gun we may offer you the option of a 45$ rebuild fee plus parts. Most lifetime warrantees offered by other manufacturers are for the original owner only. We do not make this distinction and will try to help you even if you bought it used.

We try and work on the concept that we will treat you fairly if you treat us fairly.

High performance products we have under development right now give that performance at the expense of longevity. Aluminum and delrin do not last as long as stainless steel so expect that light weight AGD components will not be warranted past the 90 day period for any reason. The demands of the marketplace for this type of product and the fact that most players are only in the game about a year, is forcing us into this position. Again it is not fair to ask us to replace something that was not purchased with longevity in mind.

With 100,000 guns out there (most still functional) we have to walk a finer line between giving good service and staying in business. We would like to be your gun company now and into the future so we hope you will understand if we have to modify our policies from time to time.

Thanks for being great customers!


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