Welcome all newcomers to the AO family!

The posts that end with the familiar "AGD" are from me, Tom Kaye, the owner and president of Airgun Designs. I am the designer of the Automag as well as the person that brought the industry power feeds and compressed air. I have owned and run this company since 1986 when we first started making products for paintball. Airgun Designs is one of only three companies (WGP and Tippmann are the others) that have survived from the 80's. Consistently over the years our focus has been on customer satisfaction and making quality products that last a long time. If you ask people on this forum you will find many guns from 10 years ago that still work perfectly.

In recent years the market has rolled over and many players are only participating in the sport for 6-12 months. With that short a time span it is hard to get to know your customers and what they want. This forum is my way of understanding some of the most important people in my life, you our valued customers. You can see from my post count that me being here is not a rare event, actually I read the forum 3-4 times a day every day. I make large business decisions based on what you all say here. I give you all a lot of weight and find myself explaining what you have told me to others on my staff.

Today the market is crowded with good high end guns all claiming to be the best through adds and sponsorships. Frankly we suck at marketing because we are an engineering based company that concentrates on performance before looks. Good marketing spends money on an image, then bombards you with that image until you feel that is the norm. Our approach is to understand clearly what you want already and just give you that, instead of trying to change your mind. Understanding you clearly and us answering your questions clearly is what this forum is all about. I take this so seriously that I bear the responsibility myself to come here and talk to you.

You are talking, we are listening, we want to be "the gun company you know".

Tom Kaye and all the staff at "AGD"

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