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Thread: Spinning Paintballs Tech Tip #3

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    That's why I love AGD, they're a bunch of bored gadgeteers!!!!

    I want one of those, two of those over there, one of those, and oh, oh, and definitely, three of THESE.

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    I was talking to a friend yesterday about this and he asked an interesting question. Couldn't you put paddles or dividers in the paintball to keep the fill from spinning. Now I assume Tom has made a solid ball the same size, wt, and material as a paintball. Is the problem really that the fill won't spin with the ball or that the ball does not acheive a sufficiant speed to develop the vortex necessary to stablize flight.
    Just a thought.

    "I would rather hit once than miss 140 times."

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    Hey all...

    Just wanted to join in on this...

    Okay, I'm a Z-body fan. Workin' on putting one together this summer actually. This'll be my first 'mag.

    Anyway, On the Warpig site, I read that the Back-spin motion that the Z-body and Flatline put on the paintball (Magnus effect) actually helps dissepate the "drag" produced by the turbulent air that's behiend the ball, therefore slowing the ball down less, and letting it go further.

    yeah, this is sort of OT, however it's still on the same topic, sort of.

    My question is wether or not you can get rid of that "drag" any other way than by spinning the ball or producing a different, mabe "football", Shaped paintball?? also, does that "Controled spin" effect accuracy in any way?

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