I know noone here knows me, but I have been visiting for some time. The thing about this string (and topic) that confuses me, is that everyone seems to miss one crucial fact….


What does that mean? You can not use the excuse that the “Fight Club” is designed to be pure logic and great information, void of all off-topic posts, trollers, flamers, and general idiots. To an outside viewer, it IS an elitist group, no matter how nice you want to put it. And I am shocked that such intelligent people can’t see that.

What a moderator does is MODERATE! Simply put, moderators need to do their job, or NOT BE moderators. Moderators are charged with controlling their Topics and modifying or deleting any posts not relevant to the topic or against your basic rules of posting.

Am I the ONLY one who knows how to run a Message Board System? (Note: yes I moderate them as well. Heck I moderate some boards that I know NOTHING about the subject matter. Knowing the subject helps in adding TO a conversation, but is NOT needed to be a good MODERATOR.)

In short, “fight club” was a good idea, but one not quite thought out from all angles. This also surprises me, being that Tom was the one to put it in action. Would you design a new marker and put it in production without doing studies (or at a minimum THINKING) on how it will be received by the populous and buying market? And not all “good ideas” need to be put into action, moreso one that has far many disadvantages to advantages.

With that said, I have BEEN to your “fight club” and I must say that you can do as you please (it IS your board after all), but such fuss over THAT? LOL Let’s all take a deep breath…….

Now… does anyone see anything there that is “better” or “more intelligent” than could be posted in the “general population”? LOL

I don’t think Rooster is jealous, I think he is just a realist in a world of rose colored glasses. I urge Tom and his staff to SERIOUSLY reconsider their “club”. As a businessman, I know all too well about PR, and THIS is not a good PR move.

(oh, and I keep reading “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”… Why is that? Are there too few BAD intentions? LOL)