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Thread: To Everyone: You Will ALL Determine the Final Fate of Fight Club

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    i say keep it! i think it is a really good idea, and it is doing ok. but i really would like more topics in there. all very interesting.

    For all those people complaining, please stop. So what if you didnt make it? its not the end of the world.

    I would like to see some other forums too if you wouldnt mind the main forum is getting crowded. it will give people more to read if you get greater amount of forums pertaining to the subjectt hey want to post on.

    EDIT:Keep it!!!!

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    Keep it I just want to get in it thats all.

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    Thumbs up

    i like it alot personally. I also think that its a good idea to make mirror posts like mycroft (i don't remember the name well so if i screwed up forgive me) said. TK, like you said earlier this is very new and you are surprised about all of the negative posts. That is prolly because this thing is so new and with time all of the whining a bickering will die down about FC and all will go back to normal. Its just temporary. So keep it longer and give it a shot. =)

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    LOL This is SO funny. Best case of “I want to know what you think, just don’t say anything I don’t want to hear.” LOL

    Why is it that the majority of those who DON’T like it, have valid reasons, and actually MAKE good posts stating so… but the majority of those who DO want it say things like:

    “That is prolly because this thing is so new and with time all of the whining a bickering will die down about FC and all will go back to normal. Its just temporary. So keep it longer and give it a shot.”


    “Keep it I just want to get in it thats all.”


    “For all those people complaining, please stop. So what if you didnt make it? its not the end of the world.”

    LOL I could go on and on…….

    This has been the best entertainment I have had in weeks. No matter how rational an argument is, it is brushed aside. We care what you think….. LOL It is like making up your mind before asking “Would you like fish or chicken?” No matter what anyone says, they will still get fish… and it will stink just as bad. This of course does not matter to those who have their noses so far up the chef’s rear that they could not smell fish anyway (but which is actually worse? LOL).

    Ooops, did I get a bit sarcastic with that one? LOL No offense was intended to any person in particular, I just thought I had the same right to speak my mind as those who oppose my point of view. Remember, I am NOT upset, and I am NOT attacking anyone. Got a shoe? Try it on.

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    I for one have noticed in the past few days an increase of on-topic posts and posts that are just plain interesting in the main forum, and I think it's a result of the posts in the FC getting other people's minds in gear. I think so far, the forums have benefitted from FC except for the discussions of it's continued existence peppering the board. Let's give it a few weeks, then vote. Whatever happens, happens.

    "I saw the heads in your room, then you pinned them on my [Richard]!"
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    I believe that the Fight Club itself is a good idea....BUT the way you chose the members was insulting and wrong. It was simply a nomination based entry. I believe the title to that post was "Fight Club tryouts", yet they weren't tryouts at all. It was a popularity contest with every member recommending this guy and that guy. There was no substantial evidence as to why a certain person made it in or not. People like Jerky who have an extreme amount of experience and knowledge to the sport of paintball deserve to be in the club. Yet he is not, and many others are not. Some people might shrug it off and not feel the same way I feel, but I am very offended by the way these members were picked. If no changes are made in the following weeks then I will be voting to exile this forum.

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    <font face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Wild_Osiris:
    The only thing is I think u missed the whole point of my post. Rather than say, "oh ya man I agree", or a "nah the fight club is sufficient traffic director" ,you said, (with ur connotations sounding very sarcastic)The forum already has that, option, Wild god of the dead. (was wild god of the dead necessary?) I know Osiris is an eyptian god of the under world. (supposably I am suppose to have a beautiful wife called Isis, but I don't,)

    Next time you reply to a forumers post, do us all a favor,at least comment on the bulk of the post. Take note that most posts that I write a page for aren't as shallow as one would think.
    Wild Osiris,
    I am sorry if I offended you in some way with my post. It was not ment to be sarcastic in any way. I saw someone I thought I could help so I posted what i saw as potential help.

    I did not respond to the rest of your post because I am frankly tired of talking about the fight club. It is Tom's idea and I will see it through until Tom desides to change it. He will change it just as much based on your post as comment that I would make. If you want to know what I think read some of my other posts on the subject. Remember I was the guy that started the alternatives post.

    The God of the dead thing was was simply because I wanted you to know some of us knew were your login came from. I have been fastinated with the Egyptian book of the dead for many years and have used the name Osiris for logins and such in the past. If was not ment to offend.

    I never said or infered that your posts are shallow. I don't recall anyone ever saying that but maybe someone else has. I personally have posted much worse stuff myself.

    I am truely sorry if I offended you in any way. I was only trying to be helpful.


    "I would rather hit once than miss 140 times."

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    Just a quick note. Mykroft, you said I should just post in the main forum in the parallel thread. The issue here is that while there is much more noise in the main forum post than in the parallel Fight Club thread there is still useful information here. I would much rather skip over the noise in one thread than have to read two separate threads to get the whole conversation. We also lose the statement/response format since (short of looking at the timestamp) we have no way to know who is responding to what.

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    in theory, it is a grea idea, kinda like comunisim. but we all know what happens in comunisism. it is great, but many will bite each other necks off, just to be in this "high society". And, further more even though topics of "consentraded knowledge" are shared only by an elite few, people still have the freedom to read and apply input in the main forum, thus not filtering the intelligent/off topic discussion in the main forum. My suggestion is to create an off topic forum, where everyone, young and old, smart and stupid, boy and girl, can post topics non related to paintball and or about nothing at all . ive vented thanx.


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    I still think it's a good idea. Sooner or later we were going to want a section for the ideas of members who have a good idea of what's going on and any tips they have for other players, and it simplifies everything to do it all as a forum. I vote to keep it.

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