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Thread: Some Thoughtfull Words sent from Glenn Palmer

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    I do think in some areas he is correct, like for example, the morals have decreased. Today in our society, over 4,000 babies are killed a day. Thats a lot if u calculate it. Does anyone know why 4,000 babies are killed a day? To the god of conveinence, Abortion. Our morals as a society have decreased tremendously, I do whole heartily agree with him on the morals issue, of course everyone has there own opinions, I am just stating mine, I know that this will most definately start some flames...

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    Big Red me.

    Look at the big red dog.
    The big dog is red. Look at him.
    Wow, what a red dog. He is also big.
    I must seek Bhuda, I must seek Christ.*

    When I wrote this little poetic gem, I was trying to convey this simple message...

    I can't write poetry.

    But seriously folks, that guy who wrote that really has a way with words. Very nice.

    *Thanks Half Baked.

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    Don't forget that the guy that sent this along also thinks that you only need one bore for any type of paint!


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    yep it is all about fighting that. if you feel fine looking like every body else its fine but if you are only doing it because you have to look like they told you thats wrong. once i just did not feel like dressing cool so i just put on the my black my stripped sweeter some old funny looking pants and a malti colored beeny(i looked great) sure evry body was looking all funny at my but i felt good and that is what counts.
    my earlyer post was about what came to mind when i read that poem.

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