All of AO,

Time to get things cooking again and give some stuff away. This time you have to work for it. We need a name for our new 2x trigger frame and we want YOU to come up with a great one for us. If we decide to use the name you come up with you will win an RT Pro with the new 2x frame and Warp Feed. Second and third runners up will get a 2x frame and Warp Feed.

Because this is subjective I'm sure we are going to get complaints about why we picked the name we did. In order NOT to get everyone upset (see I'm learning from Fight Club) we will also do a random drawing for three more prize packages of 2x frame and Warp Feeds ( that's three more winners get a frame and warp each). Just to be clear there are three prizes for the name contest and three more just to keep everyone happy.

By entering this contest you agree to give up all rights to the name in exchange for the prizes. Once again to enter you have to post something nice here in this thread. You can either suggest a name or just post. Winners in the name contest are not eligible to win in the random drawing. This means you can't win twice. If two of the same names are suggested by different people the first post takes priority. The first poster takes the prize, second guy is out of luck.

This one is going to go fast we need a name before Am Open. Next Sunday night we will post the winners here and if I can get Rob and the guys together we will parallel post in the chat room.

At any time AGD reserves the right to change the rules for any reason, because we are new at this and probably doing something wrong.

All right guys put those thinking caps on and lets hear some ideas!